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A Visit to the NC Civil Rights Museum

Civil Rights- A Lesson from History

Our Upper Elementary students had an amazing experience at the International Civil Rights Museum and Center. They traveled back to the time of the Civil Rights Movement and the Greensboro sit-ins in the company of Ms. L.T., our tour guide, who is a passionate civil rights advocate and educator. Our trip under her guidance was lively and informative. We visited the Woolworth’s lunch counter where the sit-ins took place, got inspired by the courage of the four young men who led the sit-ins, and most importantly, by the power of peaceful protest.

Our conscience was awakened by the images and words of those who have endured injustice, but have not let that stop their fight for equality and justice. The students were exposed to the powerful imagery of the civil rights movement and its iconic figures and moments, but our guide also made sure to lighten the mood with moments of laughter. In acknowledgment that each person has a name and a special place in this planet, Ms. L.T. made sure that our tour was personalized and so each of us got a special name. We became Honey Bunny, Cupcake, Kelly, Federico, Patrick, Adam, Ms. Robinson, Pepper , and Marisol.

At the end of our visit, Ms. L.T. pulled us aside and personally expressed a feeling that all the tour participants had: she spoke of her admiration for our students who, despite being the youngest in the crowd, were the most actively engaged, asking and answering thoughtful questions. Still enjoying special names, the next day we held a moment of reflection on what the visit meant for each of us, our favorite moments, new dreams, and in that spirit we prepared thank you letters for Ms. L.T. We all came back inspired and reflecting on our current reality and the need to remember what history has taught us.