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A Broader Perspective

Although our school is unique in its combination of language immersion and Montessori methodology, there is interesting information published in both of these areas. If you would like to expand your knowledge and understanding, please explore some of the options below. If you come across a resource you would like to share, please let us know!


The Montessori Mafia by Peter Sims
The Wall Street Journal

Montessori Builds Innovators by Andrew McAfee
Harvard Business Review

Cognitive Advantages of Second Language Immersion by Francois Grosjean, PhD
Psychology Today

Bilingual Patients Fare Better After a Stroke by Ashley Welch
CBS News

Bringing Up Babel by Robert Lane Greene
October/November 2016; 1843 Magazine

Top 3 Useful Foreign Languages for Business Excludes Spanish by Susanna Kim
ABC News Consumer Report

Quiz: Which foreign language should you learn? by Rick Noack
Washington Post

“Many of those who decided against learning a foreign language might nevertheless regret their decision in the future. Recent studies have shown that the ability to speak languages other than English can boost average wages, and have positive effects on students’ brains and cognitive abilities. What doesn’t seem “immediately useful” might be highly rewarding later in life.”


Celebrating IMS

Clip from the Today Show (November 23, 2014) sharing the benefits of learning another language:

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