School News


Everyone from avid readers to pre-readers participated in our Read-a-Thon in February! Our students from three years old to ten years old were adding up the minutes read both for the fun of reading and for the benefit of our school. Our elementary students visited our primary students and shared their love of reading by reading stories in French, Spanish, and Chinese to their younger peers.  We also had a visit from New York Times best-selling author Vanessa Woods to talk about how she writes her books about science and gets them published. Who knew that she reads to her dog Congo as she goes through the editing process? And how many times did she “write” her upcoming book before sending it off to the publisher? SEVENTEEN TIMES! As it turns out, no matter how experienced you are, creating great books to read means a lot of writing in the process.

Last year all students joined in reading through class activities, and 30% of students had at least one sponsor.  The students earned between $10 to $350 per sponsor, raising a total of over $4500 for our school!

This year we want to GO FOR GOLD and aim for 100% participation (at least one sponsor per child) to raise $7500.  The Read-a-Thon benefits our school by bringing new materials into the classroom, providing professional development for teachers, and contributing to other needs our school has.

You can join in the fun by visiting and offering a donation, encouraging our students to keep on reading!