Collaboration and Contribution

The Many Ways to Support Us

The richness of our community comes from our connections and relationships.  Our approach to a global education requires that we build partnerships with people and organizations who can support us operationally and educationally.

All families are expected to collaborate and contribute at IMS by providing at least 15 hours of volunteer service and by contributing financially according to each family’s means. We love having volunteers at our school who can share their area of expertise or pitch in to support the day to day operations of the school. We have volunteers who serve as advisors in particular professional areas, as well. Financial support comes through contributions to the Community Giving Fund and other fundraising activities throughout the year.

Collaboration and contributions aren’t limited to those who have children enrolled at IMS. If you are someone who loves the idea of helping an international school be successful and wants to serve your community, we invite you to learn more about our school. Whether you are a biotech company that wants to assist in our science program with speakers and shadowing opportunities or a commercial electrical firm who can assist us with operational needs through in-kind support, or someone who loves the idea of helping an international school be successful and wants to serve your community, partnerships allow our students to see how connected we all are and broaden their perspective. Email us here if you would like to discuss the ways you could collaborate and contribute! The possibilities are endless.

Community Giving Fund

The Community Giving Fund provides the resources to enhance existing programs. As is generally the case in most independent schools, tuition does not cover the full cost of education and contributions to the Community Giving Fund allow for regular improvements and enhancements.

Easy Ways to Contribute


Amazon will donate a share of the proceeds to IMS if you buy through their Smile program and select International Montessori School as your organization of choice.

Weaver Street Market

Buy a pre-paid “school scrip card” which works just like a gift card at any Weaver Street Market by purchasing it at the Customer Service desk.   Ask them upon initial purchase and any time you reload the card to link to IMS – school number 218.

Harris Teeter

Link your Harris Teeter card to IMS (school number 6519) at checkout or online: Log in/create a profile and select 6519 at Together In Education or My Schools on the dashboard.

Our Partners