International Montessori School is a place where children cultivate their natural love for learning, independence, and community through a multicultural, multilingual curriculum and environment. We welcome a diverse community of students and families from a variety of cultures, linguistic backgrounds, and cultural experiences such as living abroad. Not all of our families know another language, but all appreciate the gift that other languages and cultures bring to their children and their families. While love of language and culture is key to joining the IMS community, appreciation for the methods and outcomes of the Montessori approach is also important.

For the 2021-2022 school year, our toddler and primary classrooms are at capacity, we are only accepting new students into our Elementary Programs (1st-6th grade) with target language fluency. Generally, our toddler classroom enrolls new students for an August or January start. Our primary and elementary classrooms enroll new students between August and January. Families who move to the area at other times are invited to inquire about available spaces in any of our programs.

Our Admissions Process

There are three key steps to the admissions process.
Interested families should contact our office administrator to schedule a virtual tour with our director of enrollment prior to completing the application. This meeting is for parents/caregivers to get an overview of our culture, programs and ask questions. The tour is typically 45 - 60 minutes.
Schedule a Tour
Once you have completed a virtual tour, you are welcome to apply for your child's admission to International Montessori School. In addition to your child’s application, we ask that you submit school records and teacher referrals. Links to request these forms are available on our Admissions Process page.
Apply Online
After the virtual tour and application package are completed, our office administrator will schedule a meeting for you with our Head of School. This is a time to get to know each other, share more detailed information in relation to your child, and ask questions of each other that have not previously been addressed.
Submit Form

Important Forms

All required forms and records must be received by IMS prior to scheduling the student visit and the pre-admissions meeting.

For the Teacher/Caregiver Referral Request Form, you will need the name, email address, and organization name of the person who will be completing the referral. We will contact that person to provide them access to our online referral form.

For the Request for Student Records, you will need the name of the organization who will be providing the records, a contact name and email address, and a phone number to complete the online form. Upon submitting the form, it will be emailed to the organization as well as yourself and IMS. The sending organization will provide the records via mail, email, FAX or file upload.