Purpose, People, and Values

International Montessori School was originally founded in 1996 as a place where young children of French-speaking parents could find a sense of community with others whose parents spoke French. Over the years, our immersion programs expanded into Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Many of our families do not speak another language, but they strongly believe that bilingualism and biculturalism are gifts our children benefit from for the rest of their lives. Other families speak languages we do not have at our school and appreciate being part of a community where other languages and cultures are dearly valued.

Understanding other languages and cultures allows our students to think in global terms that connect them to others around the world. They view difference with curiosity and interest. The Montessori approach to education further enhances their understanding of the world at large through its developmental approach to learning. At IMS, we provide an environment where each child can develop to his or her potential because we spark their interests, follow their lead, and guide their learning in ways that engage and excite. When children love learning, they have another amazing gift that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Our Mission

To foster curious and confident students who embrace diversity and have a positive impact in the world. 

Our Vision

To be a leader in global education fusing Montessori and multilingualism to deeply enrich students’ lives.

The beauty and effectiveness of a school is based on the caring people within it. Our faculty, staff, and Board of Directors come from a variety of backgrounds and professions who are all dedicated to our students and our mission. We have staff from every inhabited continent across the globe; most are native speakers of the language of the classroom they serve. All of us are guided by the sole purpose of helping your child become a confident, curious learner who embraces new ideas and new people.

Communities joined by a common purpose are stronger when they are also joined by common values. At IMS, we have our values guide our work and interactions in the classrooms and outside the classrooms.

Pursue Curiosity

Students thrive when given the freedom to explore his/her interests, make mistakes (ask questions) and take initiative to explore answers.

Experience Language & Cultures

Language is a bridge to understanding people and fosters a deep respect for other cultures; multilingualism is a critical path to embracing the world.

Appreciate & Respect

We build appreciation and respect by exploring different cultures, origins, languages, and backgrounds,



We collaborate by sharing strengths and skills from others with diverse perspectives, working toward a common goal.

Empathize & Care

We nurture peace by bringing our talents together to create solutions that benefit the community and the world.