Toddler Program

Over the years we have received many requests to open a toddler program and we were excited to open our toddler community in the fall of 2018. Because we only have one classroom, the toddler program is the only program offered in English. Children move from this classroom to the French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese primary classrooms when they are ready, usually around their 3rd birthday.

Program Highlights

Our toddler program is structured to allow children to expand their world through exploration. The toddler classroom is a very nurturing environment rich with wonders to explore where young ones learn through their five senses at their own direction. They also gain more independence as they learn to manage their bodies and their needs.

The main language of the toddler community will be English; however, students will have regular exposure to all three languages offered at IMS: French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. This structure allows all students to develop the neural pathways for each of the three languages and supports their transition to the primary classrooms the following year.

A key difference in joining at the toddler level is the process used to facilitate positive transitions from a home or small environment with key caregivers to the new caregivers and teachers in their new classroom community. At this age, building trust in their new environment and with new people is critical to their feeling of security and their ability to happily grow and learn. Parents can anticipate a gradual introduction for their child to their new school over the first few days, and for some the first few weeks of school.

Program Options

Immersion Language

  • English with enrichment in French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese

Enrollment Ages

  • From 18 months to 30 months as of August 31

Length of Day

  • Half Day: 8:10-12:00
  • Regular Day: 8:10-2:45
  • Early Drop Off is available at 7:45
  • Extended Day is available until 5:30

International Montessori School only offers five-day programs.